Playin in a rock and roll band..

The Cookie Monsters, Midand Wasted. Deathly Statue of Bigotry.
The Kali Yuga Liberty Bell

In a dark cave in the wilds of Meath the Cookie Monsters have dusted off their axes, picked up the nearest sticks and stones and started grooving in a punky reggae party stylee.

The Cookie Monsters were born out of the ashes of some old circuitry, broken drum sticks, and past it fuzz pedals. Insert into mixer and blend, add some words and things and shake it up and stir.

The Cookie cocktail that emerges runs the gamut from shiny metal noise and punky riffs, via some lost 13th floor Elevators and MC5 demos. But the Cookies are an unpredictable lot so who knows where it will end? They may even disco..

The new EP “Midland Wasted” is a frenetic mix of DIY punk spirit, improvisation and experimentation. Frenetic energy, and riffs mix with lyrics about stuff. Many of the tracks capture the immediacy of their inception as they are often parts pulled from the air, with Josh’s Stream of consciousness lyrics that reflect the world we are in post 9/11 paranoia, where consumerism is worshiped by unthinking consumer zombies..and thats just Josh.

So whats it all about eh? Is it real,is it all a dream? Are we a part of some cosmic plan or just some minor random atomic accident, on it’s way to rubbing itself out in it’s rush to end up a historical footnote? Who knows! Who cares! Download the Cookie Monsters EP. “Midland Wasted” and find out.

Of course its all here, along with reflections on modern relationships, the search for identity, some passable Dave Gilmour impersonations by Josh and groovy backing vocals from Emmet, and Crocker.

The Cookies are Crocker (Funky Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, vibes), Emmet ‘The Big E’ Newman (Bass, Vibes) and Joshue O Connor (Drums, lead Guitar, vocals, lyrics). EP Engineered by Alun Smyth. Art and Production by Josh. No Cookies were harmed in the making of this record.


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Joshue O Connor

Musical Web Monkey with a special interest in Web Standards. For more work stuff see For more music stuff see

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