New Head Noise EP – “Where next Einstein?”..

Hiding the hand of the divine behind the viel of empiricism
The more we know the more we don't..
Sonically, I have been busy. Or that is to say I have decided to finish something and remove the files from the dusty archive that is my recording studio hard drive..

“Head Noise” is one of my audio incarnations and I had great fun putting this EP together using my new Akai HeadRush and some nice reverbs from the excellent Behringer Pro-Verb. All went via my Marshall AS100D Amp which I love playing with my Fender Jaguar – dirty and sweet..

So all of this went into Ableton Live and was treated with a few plug ins that come bundled with Live (though I also love Stillwell and PSP plugins) – they are affordable and excellent.

So what about the new EP? The new Head Noise EP distills our current fears and phobias about the future, our inherent mistrust of technology and the hope of redemption through personal change. Layers of distorted treated electric guitars shimmer throughout, with ethereal noise loops and spoken word samples from Albert Einstein.

This three track EP is an extension of previous Head Noise work, which Hot Press has described as “interesting and unconventional” and the Milk Factory as a music of “twisted sonic landscapes somewhere between minimal post-rock and dub electronica in its most somber form, creating dense atmospheric structures […].”

The new EP continues in that vein – the final track being a change in mood with the captivating “Blues for Govinda” – comprising of a simple but haunting guitar motif merging with gentle strings and horns, organ sounds and other esoteric tunings also offset the piece.

The EP is designed to be listened to as a continuous gapless piece, so it is best to download all three tracks and import into iTunes or similar.

Feel the noise… download the new Head Noise EP “Where next Einstein?” from the Technica Curiosa Website.


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