You have been U2’d

Full disclosure – I am not a big U2 fan, or even a moderately sized one at that. So when I got tickets to see the Dublin shows for my wife and her brother (as they are big fans) I’ll admit I wasn’t full of joy at the prospect of spending a night in their company and not being able to reach for the off button.

They do have some great songs, and I had grudgingly come to admire them but I had never seen them live. So what was it like? All I can say is – wow.

The light show was fantastic and the band gave it loads. It was truly a spectacle on a scale that I had never seen before. If Nero were alive today he wouldn’t need to feed Christians to the lions, just get Bono and the lads in and they would wow the crowd. If the support acts were a little dodgy they could always throw a few to the lions on the side.

As U2 have been around for so many years, are a big gobal brand etc you kind of take them for granted. To see them live with 80,000 other people was just spectacular. I felt proud of them, and proud to be Irish.


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