Transformers2: Marketing in Disguise

First of all, as a full disclosure I really liked the first one (against all my efforts not to and just see it for what it is – a thinly veiled uber-Pokemon-like product placement vehicle). I could look past all of this, if the next installment was any good, but it ain’t. There are some very clever graphics but it was all a bit too – well clever. And fast. I could not distinguish one robot from another, and it was hard to follow the action sequences in any enjoyable way, so was all a bit fast food.

Also, the women in the movie were all portrayed as wanton harlots suggestively posing over their motor bikes etc apart from one, who although she was carefully disguised as a wanton harlot, she was actually a killer robot in, well disguise.

Was it all bad? Well no, there were a few good bits that I kinda appreciated retrospectively but this is all the more disappointing as I should have enjoyed them when I was actually in the cinema. Techno fetishist souffle really.


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