No Salvation for Terminator

Man this is a loud movie. For some reason, every single event is treated with the same level of decibels from the flicking of a switch to the application of a plaster, to the obvious array of relatively inventive aggressive special effects that are rolled out to agitate our protagonists.

Is it any good? It’s kinda “meh” really. There is no real sense of suspense and it is not as good as say the Spielberg/Cruise remake of “War of the Worlds” which had a real air of sustained threat and menace. This kinda plods. There is some rather tired “robots shoah” posturing and it is all just rather well, obvious and predictable.

Christian Bale is ok, but he annoyed me with his late night radio voice and faux intensity. The guy who plays the human/droid cross is much better but even that wore a little thin after a while. There are tons of holes, like how come the hot chick fell for the robot in the first place and some funny bits like the subtext that San Fransisco (well really Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley) is the only likely cradle of all evil that would spawn such a diabolical thing as thinking machines bent on mankinds destruction. As an aside, why would the robots want to destroy mankind anyway? That is also never truly clear. For me when humans see technology as totally evil I can only say that this is a projection on the part of humankind. The technology is only ever evil in its application, anyway…

Terminator Salvation is better than the “Rise of the Machines” but then again that wouldn’t be hard. -1.


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