To the Theatre James and don’t spare the horses!

What a great weekend we had! Beautiful sunny weather, the French Open, the hissing of summer lawns and some theater. First off we saw “A Lady of letters” by Alan Bennett in the Solstice Arts Centre Navan, produced by Tall Tales Theatre Company with incidental music by Alun Smyth.

A “Lady of Letters” features a hugely engaging, funny and touching depiction of Irene Ruddock, an embittered old soul with a propensity for letter-writing, however her compulsion soon goes to extremes. This was a great performance from the enigmatic Clare Barrett who inhabited the part with gusto. The simple set and beguiling music and sound design wove a spell that drew the viewer in, quickly establishing an empathy with the audience. Through the next hour the excellent performace whisked the viewer through Irenes world, and her hilarious and thought provoking world view was beguiling. Recommended.


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