To the Theatre James and don’t spare the horses! Part 2

Arthur Millers “All my Sons” is just finishing a run at the Gate Theatre in Dublin. It features a stellar cast, beautiful set design and brings the period after the second world war to light in this very powerful portrayal of the family microcosm in the wake of the war. Miller is often an acquired taste as he pulls no punches in examining the dark underbelly of post war life and nor does he offer any easy solutions to the complex moral questions that run through his work.

This was an arresting, moving and very physical performance which distilled the loss, hopes, resentments and guilt of a generation that experienced first hand the trauma of industrialised war.
As always Miller engages and involves the audience in a way that can make you question how you live your life and the impact of your own small part in the wider world. This is truly the hallmark of great theater or indeed great Art in general. It is not a mere passive object that we casually observe but its resonances can be felt long after the curtain falls.

Miller’s plays can have you reaching for the Jack Daniels before you can say “existential crisis” so if you are expecting light entertainment, then horsemen pass by. However if you wish to see the work of a master craftsman brought to life – then I highly recommend this excellent production.


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