Coraline: The Movie

This is a beautifully made fantasy from the pen of Neil Gamain and featuring the animation of the much loved (by me anyway) Henry Selick and his fantastic stop-motion animation that made ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ and ‘Corpse Bride’ such treats. On the surface, it is made for ‘kids’ but the cinema was full (so to speak) of graphic designers and wannabe animators – or they could have been unemployed. Either way, loved it. And it was a little scary. Well not for me obviously, ha ha, as that would be childish, and who could be scared of an evil skeletal mother archetype who gradually transforms into a vicious spider trapping the souls of lonely children? Well not me of course…

Yeah, it was a little scary, young kids, and aging kids may look away from time to time /and/ it was in 3D, so the scary bits were really jumping out at you – which was great.

Also, I didn’t like having to sit through the Jonas Brothers in 3D, having to watch the trailers in 2D is bad enough, thanking you.

But I digress. This is a finely crafted film, that captures the quirky world of our herione Coraline as she tries to fit into a new house and discovers a secret door that leads to a parallel universe that mirrors her own, except the food is better and her parallel universe parents are interested in her and have time for her. She is surrounded by quirky neighbours; like the fading stars of the stage who live downstairs with their collection of scotty terriers and calcified gobstoppers and the acrobatic circus performer who has yet to hang up his top hat. There is also a cool cat who acts as a much needed bridge between the two universes, but I have said too much!

The film also deals with many weighty themes from a child’s loneliness and parental indifference, to life & death in a way that doesn’t patronize children, kids know when you think they are stupid and don’t understand stuff don’t you know. Recommended.


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