The “Angels and Demons” movie

Avoid. Why?

1) Poor quality Angels, and pretty thin “science as demoniac force” low rent demons.

2) You won’t be able to get a snooze in, as every predictable car chase is accompanied by very loud Carl Orff type exhortations and the banging of drums.

3) While the book “Angels and Demons” was a better read than the “Da Vinci Code”, this does not say a lot, and sadly, nor does it translate as a better movie. This is a terrible movie. With every square inch of celluloid being crammed with more “Catholic conspiracy 101” and “Symbolism for Mystical Tourists” than you could shake a tambourine at. This movie is also choc-a-block with tiresome exposition.  These revelations and mystical jigsaw puzzles should be exciting and draw the viewer into a sense of ever intrique and fascintation –  however in this case it is often patronising or just plain dull.

4) Is it all bad? There is one good bit (a short dialogue on the nature of faith) but I won’t tell you where it is.


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