It’s Star Trek Jim, but not as we know it

I ambled in to see the new Star Trek movie yesterday. I was initially quite skeptical as I have seen the much loved sci-fi franchise mutate more times that a morphing Morpholite from planet Morph. The movie kicked in and I did spend the first 20 mins or so mentally humphing about it and setting myself up for some in-advance disappointment (time is precious don’t you know).

“James T. Kirk did not listen to the Beastie Boys in my day” – the humph went along those lines but alas I could not maintain disappointment for long. The story unfolded and I was captivated by it, forgetting minor quibbles and loving the newness of some of the old Star Trek set pieces. Bones is still grumpy and kinda neurotic, Spock is dapper and bears a striking resemblance to an old friend of mine and Uhuru is a total fox.

The Romulans resemble what I always thought members of the band “Mars Volta” probably look like (apart from the singer who sounds like a girl Romulan) and have a space ship that resembles a rather neglected mother-in-laws-tongue, that can hop through the space time continuum, don’t you know.

Anyway, as someone experiencing aging through the lens of rehashed much loved sci-fi TV shows – I found this one invigorating and fun – and even weirdly in harmony with the original. I didn’t like the “Next Generation” as they just didn’t look right to me and the next one was a bridge too far altogether, so I surprised myself that my enjoyment genes lapped this new version up so readily.


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