St.Patricks Siege

The current situation in St.Patricks cathedral highlights deep rooted problems in our systems for dealing with immigrants. The acid test of any system is not how it deals with the bulk of its processes, but how effectively it deals with the “awkward issues” that fall through the cracks, the grey areas. The “not easy to categorize”. I fear that Ireland is set to become a harder colder place,in order to stem the feared “tidal wave” of immigration, and scenes like the one in St.Patricks Cathedral could become more commonplace, as poor and desperate people try to find a place in our elitist “Brave new world”.

Its not so long ago we were desperate for a new life “anywhere”, but all empires have their day. They come and go.

Ultimately, no amount of draconian legalese and right wing posturing can “fix” people in situations as desperate as those lads in St.Patricks Cathedral. And before we get all self-righteous, we should bear in mind that none of us know what we are capable of until our backs are against the wall. No amount of Chanel can hide the smell of decay in the heart of the new Ireland.


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