Ho Ho Hum

So Christmas is upon us again. I am glad Jesus ain’t around to see what’s its like these days. I say he’d be pretty miffed at the commercialisation and the hijacking of his B Day.

He threw all of the merchants out of the temple, so what would be the modern equivalent? Maybe if Jesus came back he’d be a really cool hacker and organise a denial of service attack on the amazon servers.

Maybe not.

It’s not a time of year I relish. I do appreciate the need for a bit of a knees up and a general lifting of the spirit. Those long dark nights can take there toll on you, but I suppose thats where turf fires and a good read along with a pint of Guinness step nicely in.

I do hate the wasteful spending at this time of year. It seems to be a new Irish pastime. As an antidote to this conspicuous consumption I have bought my whole family something from the Oxfam and Concern range of conscious gifts. Stuff for school kids in poor countries, a goat etc. I think that idea rocks. Rather than wasting your €20 on useless crap you can buy someone a goat. I have a few concerns but as long he doesn’t end up as goat burgers, I think it’s deadly. The fact that you can but a family a kilo of maize that they can plant and replant is so cool. If you buy someone a cow they can make cheese, yogurt, from its milk and then there is always the chance of baby cows coming along too. It’s win win.

In the wealthy west we would just chop ’em up and fry ’em, with out a thought. That get’s me down.

So wasteful.

Any way for what it’s worth, Happy Xmas to y’all from Designed4 y’all.

If you do feel jaded by the whole thing then don’t worry, you are not alone


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Joshue O Connor

Musical Web Monkey with a special interest in Web Standards. For more work stuff see http://www.cfit.ie. For more music stuff see http://www.techrecord.net

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