The end of Music?

The following is a neg head rant

    Is music as we know it on its last legs?
    Have we exhausted all sonic possibilities?
    Will there ever be new music or will we just rehash old riffs and phrases?

These are serious questions for any musician or indeed anyone interested in where music is going. I alternate between feelings of apathy towards new music, and then sometimes a glimmer of hope appears.

My ears are jaded.

I now listen to more and more older music and have practically given up on what more modern artists are up to. Apart from my own sonic efforts I have been nodding my head along with Sonny Rollins and developed a new appreciation for David Bowie.

Whatever WARP records or other bleep merchants etc are up to really has no fascination for me anymore at all. In fact I am going to get really back into the acoustic guitar and explore older traditional Irish music. I find this prospect exciting.

Traditional Irish music is exactly that, a tradition. I feel as an Irishman it is a part of my history that I have neglected and also that it has an exciting sense of possibility as it is a whole new world to me. Another interesting prospect is my use of the acoustic guitar. I have mixed feelings about whether it belongs or not in traditional music at all. Some feel it doest’t , as its not a traditional instrument, but many musicians use it. It is my instrument so I will give it a go.

Maybe this is only the End of Music for me or at least a new beginning. In the absence of an Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, I will seek refuge in the past and endevour to discover hidden sonic gems in my own national history.

I will of course rip, burn and mangle along the way ;)


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