Being Sick Ain’t No Fun

Its amazing how much we take for granted in life. The fact that I can wander about and look at things, pick them up if I need to and use my brain to calculate, my heart to appreciate and generally continue to exist is amazing.

It seems that it’s only when something happens to us or to someone we love that we take stock. Do we realise how fragile our lives are? My lady wife was recently in hospital for some surgery on her knee. She has rather bad arthritis and though she is in her 30’s it is quite serious and has impacted on what she can do in her life.

While in hospital I say her plugged into various machines and devices while the very excellent staff of James Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown, Dublin did their thing. They were great. She kept it together pretty well whereas I started to loose it while observing the scene. I was very worried about her going in and though I was reassured and technically its not a difficult or complex procedure, that kind of rationality cut no ice with me. We hear more and more these days of people going into hospital for an ingrown toe nail and coming our with broken bones, malaria or worse, dead.

All of these ingredients create havoc in a sensitive and active brain. All sorts of paranoid cultures formed in there.
In the end she was fine and after a very long day we drove home. i am immensely relieved and we are sat in front of a nice fire drinking tea. Though I am knackered relief and gratitude saturate my being.
My meditation for the day is “Be grateful and take nothing for granted”.


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