Sufficient Technology

When is enough enough?

We surely live in an age of more, more, more. Contrast this trend with most of the population of this world living with less, less, less. On a planet of limited resources this begs the question. Have we had enough?

Regarding technology – when something works, and works well, does it need to be improved? What is the difference between an improvement and a blatant attempt to resell you the same thing in a different packaging (step up Micro$oft)?

I believe in sufficient technology. If a technology product (software, hardware) works, then fine. If it needs to be improved in order to better facilitate the user, then fine. I don’t like being forced to buy “upgrades” or “improvements” when they are unnecessary. Its worse when they are blatantly profit driven.

All of this is all the more relevant when (especially with hardware) plastics are being produced from petrochemicals which is of course a non-renewable and finite resource. Its different with software and data. When developers push around a few pixels and rearrange binary code – they are not creating scarcity by this action. There is no dearth of binary in the digital world.

If only the same could be said of oil?


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