Love me, Love my Ipod

I got an Ipod for my birthday. My beautiful lady wife was very kind, and though I had an inkling that she may get me one (due to her inquiring from me in a very discreet fashion, as to exactly what was an MP3 thing)

I was still genuinely surprised and delighted when I received it over dinner. I had been putting off buying one myself for a long time. Though I do keep an eye on new developments and I have a particular interest in audio, I have a tendency to wait for a couple of generations of a new product/device/software to develop before I take the plunge. This is in the hope that teething problems will be ironed out by the time I acquire one. I had some bad experiences with audio equipment when I bought an interface for my recording studio.

I started with the Swiss Sonic which was unbelievable cheap, SUB 1, interface. Didn’t work at all for me. Then I bought the latest firewire interface, as these devices were just starting to appear. I would have loved the MOTU but didn’t really need multiple channels of audio so I got the M-Audio Firewire 410.

I was using 0S9 as that is the platform that I rum Digital Performer and my Kontakt Sampler on. the drivers M Audio produced were just terrible. OS X at the time was not as solid a build as it is now and I was of a mind to stick with OS 9, as I had all the functionality I needed. So I thought I had a future proof set up.

Not so. I had to return the interface as the drivers were so bad and bought the M-Audio Audiophile. Which I like and I use the delta version of Abelton Live that came with it. I can then export individual track to OS9 and run them through my lovely PSP plug-ins and mix final tracks. Its a bit inelegant but it works.

I can now upload my mixes to my nano and check my tunes out on the go. The nano is a very beautiful piece of kit and if you do get one get a a case. It is delicate and needs to be treated well. I hope to get years of mileage out of it and though I wont get much of my collection onto its 4Gig drive. Its enough me. I also don’t like MP3’s at all, so the AAC format, tweaked to import at a slightly higher bit-rate (160 seems fine) gets good results. Though I have noticed some distortion on quieter tracks with solo passages.


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